At times we work really hard but aren’t as far along as we want to be. We question if we’re on the right path or what to do next. We even struggle to do the important things.
Success is never a straight line. After 26 years in in uniform, I found myself the only person to have served as a Navy SEAL, Army Green Beret and Delta Force member. Each endeavor with unique challenges, uncertainty and failures. And each with a unique blueprint for peak performance and success.
We all want to get there faster, be more effective and let nothing stand in our way, but we need a system to know the right things to do to achieve the right results. We need Clarity, Focus, and Consistency to Succeed.
I’ve been fortunate to have spent my life surrounded by elite performers that succeed in the most demanding arenas. I’ve pushed the limits of mental and physical ability, and along the way, I identified a performance framework that helps people harness the tools to achieve extraordinary results.

These strategies have helped me, and countless others find Balance and Happiness and be more Effective in the face of extreme challenges and every day of our lives. I’ve taught this system to athletes, doctors, professionals, PhDs, leaders, and entrepreneurs; all high performers who want to get to the next level. 

If you want to take your life to the next level, these strategies will work for you.

John Hicks understands the demands of high performance and overcoming struggles. He brings extensive experience in some of the most mentally and physically demanding high performance environments to his coaching process.
John inspires clients to unveil their innate talents and true capacity to create success. Because everyone has a different path to success, he engages clients to discover the purpose, tools, and strategies unique to their pursuit of fulfillment and results. John helps unlock peak performance by challenging limiting beliefs, promoting a winning phycology, and instilling the mental toughness to succeed.
John is the only person to have served as a Navy SEAL, Army Special Forces, and Delta Force member. He spent 26 years in Special Operations rising from enlisted to commissioned officer, leading teams in combat, and is the recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for Valor. He’s coached and trained Navy SEALs, Combat Divers, Special Forces candidates and International Commandos. 
John is a former CEO with Big Brother Big Sister mentoring at risk youth, an Executive with the United Services Organization working globally with service members, veterans, and their families, and has co-founded a self-care company The Self Care Place, a psychotherapy services business, and a residential property business.
John holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University, a Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University, Lean Six Sigma Certification – University of Washington, Professional Coaching Program – Coach Training Alliance, Mindfulness and Performance Education, Leadership Program- Marine Corps University.


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