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John Hicks is a personal performance coach whose proven system helps people
create the routines, habits, and consistency that elite athletes, top executives,
and high performers rely on to succeed.

Do you feel like you work hard all day but don’t really get a lot done? Maybe you start a project and get distracted and never complete it. If only you could focus on the right things, at the right time, to get the right results.

Focus and clarity drive great performance in everything we do. Where our focus goes our energy and action will follow. Working with John you will gain clarity and increased focus to do the right things to achieve the results you want. You’ll experience the power of goals, intentions, defining success, and creating a customized plan to you get there.

The most successful people in the world consistently perform at their highest level. Whether you’re striving for personal, professional or athletic goals, having a disciplined approach is vital to finding your success.

There are two types of pain we will experience, the pain of discipline, or the pain of disappointment. Consistency is a byproduct of discipline. Working with John you will discover the strategies to develop the behaviors, routines, and habits to consistently perform your best. You’ll develop a mindset for success.

Do you wish you had the confidence to take on any challenge or go after that dream that’s been just out of reach. Ever wonder how some people have extreme confidence and others with similar ability lack it?

Confidence requires evidence and we build confidence by becoming a master of the basics and incorporating the same tools that elite performers use to take decisive action in the biggest situation. With John’s proven system, you’ll discover a high performance framework and unlock the mental toughness to get your best to show up every time.