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Proven High Performance & Mental Toughness Strategies that Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, Elite Athletes & Top Performers Use to Succeed


The Most Effective High Performance and Mental Toughness Strategies to Unlock Your True Potential

High performance, mental toughness, mindset

Mental toughness and high performance drive success more than talent, intelligence, or ability.

It’s your ability to focus on and execute what’s needed to succeed, despite the pressure, adversity, or challenges you may face.

Get the strategies the best in the world rely on to break free of limitations, hone a winning mindset and harness the mental toughness to succeed in any situation.

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Mental toughness, high performance, personal performance, mindset, mindset

John Hicks Performance Coach, winning mindset, mental game,

Helping Close the Gap on Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

John understands the pressures of high performance and overcoming struggles.
He combines a background as the only person to serve as a Navy SEAL, Army Green Beret, and Delta Force member, with experience as a CEO, Entrepreneur, and Coach to top performers, to help you break free from struggles and start winning at every level.
Nothing has more positively impacted his life and countless others than these strategies that help you be more effective, happier, and reach your potential.
That’s why he created a system to share the tools that work in any situation.
No matter what goals you have or challenges you may face, these strategies will help you find your success. 

John Hicks is a personal performance coach whose proven system helps people create the routines, habits, consistency and mindset that elite performers rely on to succeed.


Do you work really hard but haven’t really reached where you want to be? Do you wish you had the mental edge to achieve your highest goals?
You can master the strategies elite performers use to take your life to the next level. Get a personalized plan to unleash your true success. Here’s how.

GAIN CLARITY – With purpose and the right tools, you can achieve far more than you realize. You’ll assess the current situation and gain clarity on your goals and priorities.

TARGET BEHAVIOR – John will help you identify and challenge limiting beliefs holding you back and target and change behaviors that are impeding high performance.

BUILD HABITS – You will build the mental toughness habits to persevere through adversity and enhance the skills that allow you to perform at your highest level.

SHIFT MINDSET – Using the tools to develop a winning mindset and unlock the confidence to take decisive action you will maximize performance for achieving your true success.


With commitment, you’ll develop a mindset for success to guide your thinking patterns, actions and decisions. You’ll gain the heightened focus and mental toughness that Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Elite Athletes and Top Performers use to succeed in life’s biggest moments.

Personal performance, high performance, mental toughness, mindset


Do you feel like you work hard all day but don’t really get a lot done? Maybe you start a project and get distracted and never complete it. If only you could focus on the right things, at the right time, to get the right results.

Focus and clarity drive great performance in everything we do. Where our focus goes our energy and action will follow. Working with John you will gain clarity and increased focus to do the right things to achieve the results you want. You’ll experience the power of goals, intentions, defining success, and creating a customized plan to you get there.

Personal performance, high performance, mental toughness, mindset


The most successful people in the world consistently perform at their highest level. Whether you’re striving for personal, professional or athletic goals, having a disciplined approach is vital to finding your success.

There are two types of pain we will experience, the pain of discipline, or the pain of disappointment. Consistency is a byproduct of discipline. Working with John you will discover the strategies to develop the behaviors, routines, and habits to consistently perform your best. You’ll develop a mindset for success.

Personal performance, high performance, mental toughness, mindset


Do you wish you had the confidence to take on any challenge or go after that dream that’s been just out of reach. Ever wonder how some people have extreme confidence and others with similar ability lack it?

Confidence requires evidence and we build confidence by becoming a master of the basics and incorporating the same tools that elite performers use to take decisive action in the biggest situation. With John’s proven system, you’ll discover a high performance framework and unlock the mental toughness to get your best to show up every time.

The Strategies to Get Your Mind to Work for You Rather Than Against You

Be Happier. More Effective. Unleash Potential. Reduce Stress.

Strategies used by the best to thrive instead of survive, through life’s most demanding challenges.

You’ll learn the tools you need to get your best to show up every time. To be more focused, consistent, confident, and successful. You’ll learn the tactics and strategies proven effective through research, on the battlefield and on the playing field.


The best of the best, from professional athletes to business leaders, have a coach. A coach helps them achieve their goals and pushes them to achieve even greater results. John will help you break free of limitations and show you the strategies to discover your best self.



Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. – Thomas Jefferson


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A coach is someone who helps you identify the goals you want to accomplish and develop a plan of action to achieve them. A coach helps you be accountable to yourself and your plan to achieve what’s most important to you. A coach also helps unlock the tools and strategies to maximize your full potential and be successful reaching your goals. A coach doesn’t dwell on the past but is focused on what you want to accomplish today and where you want to be in the future.

Coaching sessions are tailored specifically to your goals and interest to create a meaningful experience and facilitate the change you want.

Sessions are guided by the following focus areas: Gaining clarity on what you truly want to achieve. Creating a vision and the goals to get you there. Dispelling limiting beliefs. Developing a winning mindset. Unlocking the tools and strategies to take action. Foster accountability to achieve your goals

People choose to work with a coach because they want more, they want to accomplish more in the future than they are today. People from all walks of life and professions use coaches, professional athletes, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, and people who want to improve their lives. They all want to improve some part of their personal or professional lives and use a proven process to get results. They all want to accomplish more and rely on a coach to help them achieve their goals.

Coaching and counseling are similar in the sense that they both ask questions and can require self reflection to make progress. However, a coaching relationship is focused on the future and how to get the results you want today and tomorrow. Coaching strives to identify what’s truly important to you and what goals you want to accomplish then develop a plan of action, provide accountability and uncover the strategies to achieve the success you want.

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